Lessons 1-20 Bundle (Entire Year)


Get all 20 lessons at a discounted price.


Get all 20 lessons, the year-long curriculum, at a discounted price. 


Lesson 1: Introduction to Nature School

Lesson 2: Procedures and Routines

Lesson 3: Awareness Games & Hazards 

Lesson 4: Nature Names & Sensory Exploration

Lesson 5: Nature Names Deep Dive 

Lesson 6: Exploring Hearing & Fox-Walking

Lesson 7: Introduction to Hypotheses

Lesson 8: Animal Tracking 101

Lesson 9: Landscape Tracking

Lesson 10: Secondary Sign Tracking

Lesson 11: Four Directions and Wandering 

Lesson 12: Native and Non-Native Plants 

Lesson 13: Edible and Poisonous Plants 

Lesson 14: Trees

Lesson 15: Bark and Leaf Rubbings 

Lesson 16: Fort Building

Lesson 17: Bird Language

Lesson 18: Bird Watching 

Lesson 19: Connecting to First People 

Lesson 20: Inventory from the Ground Up 


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