13 Essential Outdoor Education Research Articles

Looking for scientific, data-driven research supporting the benefits of the forest school approach, outdoor education, and emergent curriculum? You have come to the right place. This research will come in useful when making your case to stakeholders.

Do experiences with nature promote learning? Converging evidence of a cause-and-effect relationship by Kuo, M., Barnes, M., Jordan, C., (2019)

Young children claiming their connection with nonhuman nature in their schoolground by Tsevreni, I., Tigka, A., (2018)

Exposure to natural environments can improve the functioning of working memory, attentional control, and cognitive flexibility by Stevenson, M., Schilhab, T., Bentsen, P., (2018)

Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature: Why Naturalize Outdoor Learning Environments by Natural Learning Initiative

If children lose contact with nature they won’t fight for it by George Monbiot

Natural Childhood Report by UK National Trust

Forest School Research Summary by Social and Economic Research Group of UK Forest Research

Natural Thinking: Investigating the links between the Natural Environment, Biodiversity, and Mental Health by Dr. William Bird for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Young Children and Nature: Outdoor Play and Development, Experiences Fostering Environmental Consciousness, And the Implications on Playground Design by Ashley Parsons

Can Bacteria Make You Smarter? by American Society for Microbiology

Children and Nature Network Research Library

Whole Child: Developing Mind, Body and Spirit Through Outdoor Play from the National Wildlife Federation

The Key to Better Students is Getting Them Outside by Katie Arnold