Top 3 Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Education Program Off the Ground

Having trouble getting your outdoor ed program started? Running into roadblocks? Try these tips and tricks.

Tip #1

Find as many ways to connect your lessons with existing standards, benchmarks, curricula, projects, school themes/missions/values as possible. Administrators and parents are much more likely to buy-in and give your outdoor education program a green light if you can show them how this endeavor furthers what is already happening/important at your school.

Tip #2

If stakeholders (administrators, parents, etc.) are doubtful of the benefits of a nature-based approach, encourage them to attend just one lesson before they make up their mind.

Tip #3

Remember, the most important thing is to get kids outside breathing fresh air, so even if your first outdoor lesson consists of just a simple walk around the block, you have succeeded!